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Website & Digital Marketing Demystified for Doctors

Website & Digital Marketing Demystified for Doctors

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Let me give a medical analogy to simplify Website & Digital Marketing Importance and how it works to get more patients to grow your practice consistently. Your website function can be compared to the human body functioning.

1. Medical analogy to simplify Website Importance and how it works

Just imagine and compare your website to your body. Now, ask yourself, what is the lifeline of the human body? As we all know, the lifeline of the human body is the cardiovascular system. Our heart, which is the chief organ of the cardiovascular system, is linked to an extensive network of blood vessels that circulate blood all over your body. The blood that is circulated by your heart transmits oxygen and vital nutrients that are required for your body to function optimally.

Similarly, what’s the lifeline of your website? It’s the blogs (Heart) published on your website which are connected to the huge circulatory network of the internet(network of blood vessels in your body). The blog published (blood pumped by your heart) provides your website (body) with new visitors (oxygen) and patients (nutrients) that are required for your website/ practice (body) to function optimally.

So Blogs are the lifeline of your website. Being consistent in publishing blogs will keep your website active to atract more patients & grow your practice.
Hope you got the importance of a blog on a website.
Moving forward, Now let me explain what digital marketing is and how it works.

2. Medical analogy to simplify Digital Marketing Importance and how it works

Let’s continue with the same medical analogy.

As a healthcare professional, to have a healthy heart, what’s your recommendation? Of Course, we all know and have given advice to our patients million times, that is “Have a healthy lifestyle” 

So now let us understand how to keep your website healthy or alive. The answer is simple: keep publishing blogs (Heart Pumping) on your website consistently. This strategy is what I call the “Lifestyle Website Marketing approach”.

It’s a natural process where you keep adding valuable information (Oxygenated Blood) into your blog regularly so that it flows through the huge circulatory network of the internet (network of blood vessels in your body) to provide your website (body) with the new visitors (oxygen) and patients (nutrients) that your website/ practice (body) needs to function. 

To ensure the longevity and vitality of your website, it’s important to consistently share blog posts. This strategy of Lifestyle Website Marketing approach in technical terms referred to as Organic Marketing . Now let us understand paid digital marketing.

Consider a scenario where you have not maintained a healthy lifestyle, resulting in poor body and heart health. As a consequence, you may become ill and require medication to maintain proper body function. Failure to address these issues can lead to a heart attack, requiring urgent medical attention and expensive ICU equipment, along with expert professionals working to keep you alive.

Similarly, if you don’t give proper attention to your website and blogs (body & heart health), then Your website will require professional help, like posting content regularly on Social media (taking medicine). So that your website (Body) gets new visitors (oxygen) and patients (nutrients) through your social media posts (medicine) to your website/ practice (body). This strategy is what I call the “Medicine Website Marketing approach”

This Medicine Website Marketing approach in technical terms referred to as Social Media Management

If your website continues to be ignored, it may eventually die out (Zero new visitors & patients ). In such a situation, your website requires immediate attention, similar to emergency care. Digital Marketing professionals will connect your website to Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram (Expensive ICU equipments) to provide your website (body) with new visitors (oxygen) and patients (nutrients) that your website/ practice (body) needs to function. As you can understand, although it is a costly process, it is highly effective. This strategy is what I call the “ICU Website Marketing approach”.

This ICU Website Marketing approach in technical terms referred to as Paid Digital Marketing

Finally, to assess the well-being and functionality of one’s heart, an ECG machine is utilized. Similarly, in order to keep track of a website’s health and gauge the volume of site visitors, Google Analytics is employed.

You should now have a clear understanding of how digital marketing operates, including the crucial role of posting regular blog content and the methods for utilizing paid marketing to attract more patients to your practice.

As always, we stress the importance of educating patients so that they can make informed choices about their health. Now I encourage you to reflect on making an informed decision about whether you would prefer to adopt a Lifestyle, Medicine, or ICU approach to promote your practice and attract more patients.

Don’t get overwhelmed.

As a helpful guide, Dr. Digital is available to assist you in gaining clarity and making informed decisions regarding your digital health practice through our Dr.Digital Platform. By analyzing your current situation, we can determine the best combination of lifestyle practices, medications, and ICU admissions if necessary to promote growth in your practice.

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Till our next new blog have a healthy & happy lifestyle.


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  1. Dr Madhura

    I must say that this is the best and simplest write-up I have ever read to understand the importance of website, digital marketing and how it works.
    Explaining this by comparing to human body is even more amazing.
    Importance of blog and being consistent on it is well mentioned.
    Hats off Dr Digital for your efforts and imagination skills.
    Motivated to be on path of website and digital marketing approach.

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