12 LEAD ECG Machine with 24/7 & 365 Days Interpretation in 15 Minutes by Verified Medical Experts

MRP : Rs 35,000 +12% GST

Note: To get Rs:1000 discount just apply through our demo form & inform tricog team that you are a student of Dr Sajjan Academy

Tricog Clientele

Leading healthcare brands rely on Tricog  services!


• 24×7 and 365 days reporting: TAT 15 minutes
• Round the clock, Instant & Accurate ECG Interpretations provided by a team of expert doctors
• Instant call alert for STEMI and all other Critical ECG
• 12- lead ECG machine works on any android mobile (should have a SIM with active internet connection – 2G/3G/4G)
• Draws power from mobile and uses mobile as display,
• ECG report is notified via Mobile App, Email and Customer Portal

Fully Automatic Tricog Ecg Machine, V Cardiac, Number Of Channels: 12 Channels

The Digital Analysis Platform

• Measurement Capabilities
• Median of selected lead
• Digital calipers
• Magnification and zoom
• Rhythm abnormality detection
• PQRST morphology analysis
• Al guidance for 235+ conditions


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